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from Maureen Dunkley
  I have read your story about agency drivers being badly treated and paid.
Not all driving Agencies are like this.

I drive for 247 Staff Net driving agency, and can honestly say that this is not the case with this agency. The rates of pay are good compared to some companies, your money is in the your bank account within seven days of your shift, and they ring you up well before they need a job filled. So please don' t tar all driving Agencies with the the same brush.

You should look around to see which companies pay the best rates, provide the best equipment and type of work.
It takes a little research to do this, but in the end it is all worthwhile.

PS good web site.
Whilst this article was not really about which Agencies pay more, the comments are still valid and worthwhile.

What I am saying, is that rates across the board are too low.
Unless, perhaps, you are young, fit, and have regular, reliable work.
In regular work, it may be possible for the rate paid to agency Drivers to compensate for the lack of benefits, etc.
But what about the Drivers they call in when short?
The ones they can cancel at the last minute, when its too late for that Driver to get work elsewhere.
You know, the older, less fit, less attractive to business, Drivers.

Thanks for a good letter Maureen.
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