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Relief from motorway congestion - Just twelve feet wide, May 18, 2004. An extra lane just 12 feet wide will relieve congestion on our motorways.
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FTA Press Release

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Relief from motorway congestion - Just twelve feet wide, May 18, 2004

An extra lane just 12 feet wide will relieve congestion on our motorways.

Motorways are our trade routes. They carry a fifth of all road traffic and are also our safest roads.
But parts of them are severely congested, causing disruption to the distribution of goods and services and the diversion of traffic on to less suitable routes.

The Government is about to agree its long term spending plans for transport in England.
It is already committed to increasing investment in the railways by 48% over the next five years – a move than business and road users welcome. But roads carry 64% of all freight and 92% of passenger traffic, and they need investment too!

Widening the most congested parts of the M1, M4, M25, M6 and M62 by an extra lane just 12 feet wide in each direction will increase their safe capacity by a third and make journeys easier for all of us.
Is this too much to ask in the world’s fourth largest economy?

A group of organisations representing industry and motorists has joined together to call for investment in the UK’s motorway network ahead of the forthcoming review of the Ten Year Transport Plan and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

A number of advertisements will appear in the national press from tomorrow (Tuesday 18 May) and a copy of the first of these advertisements is attached.

Copies of the advertisements are available at fta.co.uk/twelvefeetwide

  Motorways carry 64 per cent of freight movements and 80 per cent of passenger journeys
  Motorways comprise about 4 per cent of the total road network but 35 per cent of all lorry journeys use the motorways
  The Government collects £38 billion from road users in a tax year and yet only £1 billion is spent on trunk road and motorway construction each year
  The backlog of maintenance on British roads is over £8 billion
  British road users pay the highest taxes on fuel in the developed world
  Spending on the strategic roads network by 2008/9 is due to rise to twice its 2000/1 level, but the £6 billion a year spent on roads is only half the real amount of a quarter of a century ago
  Traffic is expected to grow by 50 per cent or more by 2030
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