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M6 repairs and M6 Toll - Cut the price for lorries appeal. May 17, 2004
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FTA Press Release

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M6 repairs and M6 Toll - Cut the price for lorries appeal
May 17, 2004

The Freight Transport Association has called on Midland Expressway Limited, operators of the M6 Toll, to cut their price for trucks during the period from June when major roadworks on the M6 itself are likely to generate severe congestion on that road and on roads in the surrounding area.

FTA has been disappointed by the fact that lorries have been charged £10 for using the M6 Toll since the road opened last December, and blames the high fee for the fact that few are presently using the road.

In a letter to the road operator, FTA Chief Executive Richard Turner says, ‘We have had a long-standing disagreement about the proper level of tolls for trucks using your new facility. However, whilst traffic levels are as they are and the M6 alternative is fully o pen, the argument was a bit academic because my members had access to a reasonably free-running alternative. However, the advent of the road works will change this position.

‘Notwithstanding your long term position on truck tolls, could I ask you to consider a temporary concessionary rate of, say, £5 for a large truck to use your route during the period of these road works.

‘This would be a very public spirited action during what will be another difficult period in the Birmingham area and I am sure it would make a welcome contribution to the safety of the maintenance teams working on the M6.’

Richard Turner has also written to the Highways Agency and asked them to ensure that the maintenance work on the M6 will be carried out as quickly as possible, including use of night work, multi-shifting and narrow lane working. He has told Highways Agency Chief Executive Archie Robertson that, ‘While the M6 Toll may be quite attractively priced for car users it is prohibitively priced for most truck operators and you will be aware that very few trucks use the M6 Toll at present because of this price barrier. Therefore, I hope you can assure me that these works will be carried out in a way that will minimise the effects on through truck traffic on the M6 and not assume that these vehicles will divert on to the M6 Toll.’

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