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Their biggest challenge yet? The Ice Road Truckers are back on the HISTORY channel for the toughest season they may ever face. Incl. veterans of the frozen North, drivers Rick Yemm, Alex Debogorsk.
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Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

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TX: December 16th at 10pm
Only on HISTORY™

Show is airing every Thursday, on HISTORY, at 10pm
(Sky channel 529, Sky HD 545, Virgin Media 234)



Champions of the ice tackle their biggest challenge yet.
The Ice Road Truckers are back this month on HISTORY™ for the toughest season they may ever face. Veterans of the frozen North, drivers Rick Yemm, Alex Debogorski, Lisa Kelly and newcomer, Dave Redmon have traveled a long way from home and way out of their comfort zones to face the ultimate test.

Trading the oil-rich plains of North America and Canada for the treacherous mountain passes of India’s most dangerous roads, the Truckers are sure to have their work cut out for them. Climbing the jagged peaks and speeding down the sheer slopes of the Himalayas, they’ll have more to worry about than on what side of the road they should be driving. Racing ahead in temperatures that can threaten to melt tires one moment and freeze the road beneath them the next, they’ll have to fight hard to stay calm and in control.

Nothing could have prepared them for this.
Starting on the narrow, rocky roads that wind away from Delhi before climbing to a construction site precariously perched between the mountains, Alex’s iron will is tested as he battles to hold his rig together in the harshest conditions he’s ever experienced. Meanwhile Rick, Lisa and Dave fight hard to speed on through the unfamiliar twists and turns, knowing any mistake could be fatal.  
Will the drivers make it through the whole season to reap the rewards of their death-defying work or will the challenge prove too much?
With people’s lives depending on their vital cargo, they’ll have to battle through some of the worst conditions on the planet, not to mention the serious language barrier, to survive these deadly roads. Find out if their strength and determination pulls them through on HISTORY™ this December.

Alex Debogorski, of Ice Road Truckers at Peterborough Truckfest.

HISTORY™ takes viewers on a journey through the ages, connecting our modern world with its historical roots in a way that is absorbing, exciting, and often surprising. Its high quality programs challenge perceptions of the past, telling stories of well known adventures and those that have remained hidden over time. Through contemporary filmmaking techniques, vivid reconstruction and gripping narrative, HISTORY™ transports you into the thick of the action.
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