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The larger-than-life Debogorski has become one of Ice Road Truckers’ most popular characters, and is visiting Britain to promote the 10 May DVD release of the popular show ’s third season.
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Alex Debogorski at Truckfest

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Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads
Alex Debogorski, of Ice Road Truckers at Peterborough Truckfest. web site

Last season of Ice Road Truckers saw Alex forced to leave early because of critical health problems – now he’s back and facing his toughest challenge yet; Alaska’s infamous and deadly Dalton Highway, which has claimed more than 400 lives.

While in the UK, Alex will also be a special guest at the upcoming Truckfest Peterborough. Held on 2-3 May, the Truckfest is one of the foremost haulage and trucking events in the country – and a great place for Alex to meet his many fans!

The proud father of 11 children and 9 grandchildren, Alex Debogorski is a natural shock jock who entertains his fellow drivers on the CB radio and is completely unpredictable – you never know what he'll say next!

Ice Road Truckers is the #1 series on HISTORY in the UK; each episode of Season 3 averaged 227,000 viewers who tuned in to experience the team’s exciting adventures on the wildest, most dangerous ice roads in the world.


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Ice Road Truckers:
The Complete Season 3

4 DVD Digipak
10 May 2010

The Ice Road Truckers face their deadliest challenge yet as the hit series heads to the freezing highways
of Alaska!

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Ice Road Truckers, Season 3

Best-selling HISTORY series Ice Road Truckers is back for a third season of adventure, excitement and danger, with the group of elite truckers heading to Alaska to face their most perilous challenge yet – the infamous Dalton Highway. Earning a grim reputation as the deadliest road in North America, the highway has claimed the lives of more than 400 people since it was built just 30 years ago.

The new season sees the return of Ice Road legends Hugh ‘Polar Bear’ Rowland and Alex Debogorski, as well as the show’s first female driver, motocross-riding daredevil Lisa Kelly. Tackling 400 mile journeys that take them 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the big rig heroes put their lives on the line every day with hundred-foot cliffs, treacherous hairpin bends, unpredictable avalanches and temperatures of -70 degrees just a few of the dangers confronting them.

Features all 13 thrilling episodes from the third season of Ice Road Truckers: ‘Deadliest Ice Road’; ‘Rookie Run’; ‘Canadian Invasion’; ‘Blinding Whiteout’; ‘Accident Alley’; ‘Arctic Ice’; ‘Wicked Weather’; ‘Killer Pass’; ‘Turn And Burn’; ‘Ocean Run’; ‘Busted Parts & Breakdowns’; ‘Race For The Finish’ and ‘Arctic Thaw’, as well as additional bonus footage.

One of HISTORY’s flagship franchises, Ice Road Truckers has proved a favourite on both sides of the Atlantic. Ice Road Truckers is the #1 series on HISTORY in the UK; each episode of season 3 averaged 227K viewers who tuned in to experience the team’s exciting adventures on the wildest, most dangerous ice roads in the world.

Alex and Hugh of Ice Road Truckers
Alex Debogorski
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