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Downloads: Guide to Goods Vehicle Drivers' Hours, Tachographs and Records.Working time directive for the road transport sector.
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  Working Time Directive
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  ADR Regulations, (links)
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New rules came into effect on 11 April 2007. There are many minor changes. Download outline of changes, April 2007, (Word doc; 75 Kb)

Download Official European parliament publication, (Adobe PDF; 416 Kb)

Downloads: Drivers hours and Tachograph guides

Old publications

A Guide to Goods Vehicle Drivers' Hours, Tachographs and Records
Download / Save in Microsoft Word format, (.doc)

GV 262 - 2009 /2, (pdf)

Working time directive for the road transport sector

Download / Save in Microsoft Word format, (.doc)
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Driver sleepiness Download / Save in Microsoft Word format, (.doc)
ADR Regulations  

Trem Cards can be purchased locally via licenced local printers or FTA members can purchase through the FTA website at http://www.fta.co.uk/tremcards

For reading or downloading, the full regulations are available at
http://www.unece.org/trans/danger/publi/adr/adr2003/ContentsE.html in PDF format

More ADR and training:

Department for Transport: http://www.dft.gov.uk/
Transport Cafe
web site:
Driving Hours and Tachograph Rules
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