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Advertise your availability online.
ONLY £5 for 12 months

Please note: This is not a driver agency and you are not registering for work.

What you are doing, is advertising your availability, online, to companies, agencies, etc., looking for HGV Drivers.
It works!
Over the years, many Drivers have found work, and many companies have found Drivers.

This facility allows you to:
1) Advertise your availability online for 12 months.
2) Specify the type of job, location, etc., that you are seeking.
3) 'Hide' your details when you are not seeking work.

A working email address is required for companies to contact you.
You can also display telephone numbers if you wish.

We can accept no responsibility for any introductions affected through the Register.
Most contacts are genuine, but, as with anything on the Internet, be careful.

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If you buy something through PayPal, it first looks for money in your PayPal account, if there is insufficient in your PayPal account, it just debits your card for the balance. You do not have to input your card numbers.

Many major online retailers are now offering PayPal as an alternative payment method.

A reliable email address is needed.
No Spam: Your email address is confidential and is NOT used or sold on for spam.

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