HGV Drivers online time sheet
Details of the online HGV Driver's time sheet. For companies and agencies.
Working Time Directive
Time sheet: Total, POA and WTD hours calculation HGV vacancies, HGV Drivers, Trucks

LGV Drivers Time Sheet: Information

HGV Drivers free online time sheet LGV, Trucks and Trucking
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This time sheet covers HGV 1, HGV 2, 7.5 tonne, van drivers, fork lift drivers, warehouse workers and 'other'.
A re-branded and customised version is available for adding to agency and company web sites.

The time sheet allows drivers to enter daily start / finish times, break lengths, and then calculate hours.
Minimum hours: 8, (less than 8 is shown as 8).
It also allows drivers to include POA time and calculate WTD hours.
There is an option to add the driver's availability and preferences for the next week.
This version does not require the driver to enter the companies' email address.
This is the main data entry screen.
Driver's Time Sheet: Data entry and calculation page.
This is the email produced. It contains no images.
Driver's Time Sheet: Email format
Time Sheet Information

The time sheet sends the completed time sheet to the employer's email address, (or addresses), with an option to send a copy to the driver's email address. Personal details are not recorded and no data is saved to a database.
Experience has shown that this is the version most favoured by agencies.
The database version exports all the time sheets for a week to an Excel spreadsheet which you can open and save.
This is a bigger program and is more expensive.

The author is a retired HGV 1 driver with low overheads. This is reflected in the price.
Cost depends on amount of customisation.

This program is written in Classic ASP.
Classic ASP requires a Windows server. It does not need .NET to run.
Classic ASP is leaner, cleaner and faster than .NET or PHP but skilled use requires a higher level of programming expertise.

It does not matter if the main web site is not on a Windows server.
The time sheet can be set up on a compatible domain, on a Windows server, and then is simply linked into, and becomes part of, the existing web site. The time sheet pages can have the same graphics/header/footer as the existing web site.

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