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Wiltshire's HGV Route Network

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Lorry Routes

This is a reproduction of a leaflet produced by Wiltshire County Council to inform HGV drivers of the most appropriate routes in Wiltshire.
By using these routes, drivers will minimise their impact on the environment and local residents, whilst reducing driver stress by avoiding unsuitable roads.

The map shows a network of Strategic Lorry Routes (shown in green) and Local Lorry Routes (shown in orange).
Drivers wishing to pass through the County without stopping to make a delivery or collection, are encouraged to use the M4, A303, A350 or A34.

Access to Wiltshire's towns and villages should be made via the nearest available Strategic Lorry Route, then by the designated Local Lorry Route (where available). All other roads should be used where it is essential to gain access.
By adopting the HGV Route Network, drivers will be protecting Wiltshire's environment and residents' interests, whilst meeting the economic needs of the County.

Contact Details

This map is produced by Wiltshire's Freight Quality Partnership, which is supported by the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association.
Please send your comments and suggestions to:
  Transportation and Development Group
Wiltshire County Council Environmental Services Department
County Hall
Bythesea Road
Wiltshire BA14 8JD

Tel: 01225 713470
e-mail: transportplanning@wiltshire.gov.uk

Highway Defects
To report all highway defects in Wiltshire, call CLARENCE on 0800 23 23 23
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Access to
West Wilts Trading Estate
, Westbury
Access to
Churchfields Trading Estate, Salisbury

Drivers should:

stick to Wiltshire's Strategic and Local Lorry Route Network and only use other routes for essential access.
comply with the speed limit of their vehicle and drive at the appropriate speed for the driving conditions at all times.
drive thoughtfully in residential and other noise sensitive areas, and avoid residential areas wherever possible
show consideration to other road users at all times, especially vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
abide by the Highway Code and all relevant legislation.
wear a seat belt where fitted.
refrain from using hand held mobile phones and CB radios whilst driving.
HGV Code of Conduct
HGV operators are also encouraged to adopt Wiltshire's Code of Conduct for HGV's.
Operators should:
• join the "Well Driven?" campaign promoted by the Freight Transport and Road Haulage Associations (Tel: 01892 552319).
• ensure that their vehicles are legal and roadworthy in order to ensure safety and reduce noise nuisance.

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